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August 27, 2007
Nerd 2.0

The new Blog Spammer!

Beginnings of the WordPress Spam
Initially went spammer nor the comments of WordPress to their advertising messages on websites to sow. With that but made almost impossible by plugins like Akismet, were wily spammers looking for new ways to spread their mostly the Seitenruf rather harmful links to pornographic material or tablets such as Viagra. The Trackback feature which among themselves to attack such networks the Blogossphäre, but even here the community could intervene quickly.

Spammers break new ground
Who thought so covered all possibilities has seemingly far from it, because recently I list permanent registrations by users with dubious names and fairly random-looking e-mail addresses. So far, they keep quiet, but what will they do initially try these accounts yet?

The plugin, which prevents!
Anyway, I have this rather annoying new protégés of spammers firstonce off by a plugin here. The plugin called WP-Dead Bold and analyzed the domains of e-mail addresses of people who log users based on a whitelist or blacklist and forbids the registration, if there are conflicts.

There to download the plugin here.
WP-Bold Dead 3

Hopefully now there no further gaps more.

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