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May 23, 2007
Nerd 2.0

Blog is international!

After the new (not yet started service) will be available in the languages ​​German, French and English from me, I have summarily decided to make this with my blog as well.

The translation work is done here automatically based on " Altavista Babelfish "which also causes some slightly ridiculous translations, but I think it is readable in any case yet.

Is combined Practically, this feature in the plugin " Global Translator "for WordPress.

Furthermore, there was now again a plugin update. This time the myGallery plugin went into a new round. The current version 1.4b7 I recommend every now since important vulnerabilities but also small bugs have been fixed.

As I noticed when looking at the site and the previous versions are no longer available (only the "stable beta"), which may allow conclusions about the approaching Final?


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Hi ... that unfortunately does not work with with for a long time with the Global Translator. I have tried everything without success. Perhaps you have a tip for me ;-)

What works because not accurate?

In my initial came a white blank page, but the could be remedied by an exchange of "return" to "echo" in the method "gltr_get_page_content ()".

So simply replace line 425 in the "return" by an "echo".

I do not know how by now unsafe, but it works ;-)


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