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November 8, 2006
Nerd 2.0

The largest WiFi (WLAN) community in the world.

Our members share their wireless Internet access at home and be able to surf wirelessly for free on all FON Access Points worldwide.

How do you want? Quite simply you simply order an a La Fonera, log and let other users your DSL connection with use.

Sure makes you wonder now: "Why would I do that?" Simply because you can then use as a member of the community of FON, including all enabled Internet ports of the other members. The best part is that there is at present already more than 10,000 available hotspots.

Sounds so good, but how does it all? You can on the side of a WLAN - Router acquire for about 30 €. This simply binds to its existing network (for example, by connecting to the DSL - routers) and away you go.

  • Advantage 1: Free Wi-Fi at home
  • Advantage 2: free access to thousands of Hotspots

There is of course also the possibility with his uses a shared connection to make money, but you must then foreign Hotspots not used.

For further information on it: .

I have in any case first ordered me a router, and will test the whole thing again for you. But this action sounds like the first impression already very promising.

Sincerely BODY-snatcher.

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